Sunday, February 16, 2014

"God looks at the Heart" (1 Sam 16:7)

It was tough this morning. I am thankful that the church did not chase me for my sermon outline. I would have given them an old sermon if they did. So I waited on the Lord during the week-end. Normally I would have finished by Saturday morning and have it sent off so that the interpreter has time to go through the text. But I was tired on Friday after my exertions on 1 Corinthians on Thursday and my mind was blank until yesterday. I knew what I wanted to say but it was simply how to put the whole message across. I spoke about "Heart Matters: God looks at the Heart" based on 1 Sam 16:7.
As always I did not sleep well last night. Woken up 2 or 3 times throughout the night thinking about the sermon since I left it so late. I did manage to get together some slides, most of which are the texts that I would use during the 28-minute sermon (with translation it was close to 50 minutes as I had an outstanding interpreter who spoke fluent Mandarin). I apologized to her after the sermon for being late in giving her my text. But as it was third Sunday in a row that I preached so I thank the Lord for helping me bless His people and for using me as an instrument of His Word. I have a week break and then two consecutive seminars on the book of Revelation. It has been a busy 7 months since I got back from Perth at the end of July last year. I guess it was the break I needed in Australia and by God's grace, I look forward to my sabbath (and Jubilee) year as I complete my 6 years of service in June.

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