Thursday, February 27, 2014


I was asked today whether I was feeling nostalgic. For a moment I did not understand the question but I realized that he meant that since I was leaving TTC soon, I must be feeling nostalgic. It is anything but nostalgic as far as I am concerned. I remembered preaching a sermon when I was just appointed pastor in 2003 that I would ready to go anywhere in 2 weeks. I have lived a life without encumbrances or ties that will hinder one from moving forward or moving from one place to another as the Lord leads. I have few possessions, things I could easily dispose of in a fortnight.
I did that when I was in Auckland in 1994 and we sold everything within 2 weeks and went back to Malaysia when the call came for me to serve among the tribal peoples of Borneo. I have been ready to move in the past 2 years, seeing that I wasn't bearing much fruits with what I am doing currently. I look foward to the next move of God in my life even as the Psalmist says, "My times are in your hands, Lord." (PSALM 31,15).

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