Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mission Photos

For five days in a row I struggled to edit my book for publication. It is now almost ready to be submitted to my publishers. I am glad to have found (fingers-crossed) a publisher who is willing to publish my book for a fee. I basically have to pay the publishers for their services but with a publisher it means their website and retail outlets can help to promote and sell the book. Talking with the publisher yesterday and showing him my manuscript in my laptop, he quickly browsed through and the first question he asked me was, "Where are the photos of the mission?" My book is supposed to be my experience and ministry among the indigenous peoples of Borneo, now in my 20th year (6 years in Singapore).
When I travelled into 60 plus villages and preached 300 sermons over 3 years during the first phase of my ministry, oftentimes I did not travel with a camera. I remember owning a camera but seldom took photos. So after meeting my publishers I rushed home and tried to locate my old albums. My spirits were refreshed when I saw that I still have about 20 photos or so during that period, most of which were sent to me by people who took photos at that time. So in the past 24 hours I have been trying to incorporate 15 photos into the book. It's practically done and I am reading for one last time before handing over the manuscript to the publishers early next week. Soon I need to focus on my preparation for ministry in Kudat next Friday and then to Sipitang for a weekend revival meetings. This time I will remember to take photos and even videos, God willing.

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