Thursday, September 5, 2019

"Your time is always right but my time is not yet" (John 7)

Jesus said that to his brothers who asked him why he had not yet gone into Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles. In the past few months, friends and brothers in Christ have asked me many times why I had not applied for a new ministry or job if there is nothing here in Sabah for me. I thank them for their good intentions and prayers but it is hard for anyone to understand that like Ezekiel and Elijah that there are times we just need to wait it out and wait until it is the right time for move on or move again. Like the Tabernacle of wilderness that stayed put when the cloud hovered over it and only when the pillar of cloud moved to another place the tabernacle followed. Isn't that a beautiful picture that the people of God or the church should wait on the Lord and trust in His leading?
But often times human beings lack patience and can even be presumptous that they decide as they will according to the world or their limited human knowledge or wisdom but do not wait for the Lord's counsel. It is not that I will not look at ministry opportunities elsewhere but that it has to be the Lord's bidding. When the Lord opens the door no man can shut it but when the Lord shuts the door no man can open it. Last weekend, I testified of God's power as an unknown and with no recommendation by men I was hired by my former College in Singapore with a package that was 4 times what I was getting in Sabah though it was not a lot since my Sabah's salary was little. Within an hour everything was concluded and I am still amazed at God's grace when I reflect on that almost 12 years ago. LORD, I give thanks to You for You are worthy and You took care of me and You still do for You are my shepherd, therefore I lack nothing.

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