Monday, January 31, 2022

Road Trip in Sabah

Yesterday I had a long day, 10 hours in all starting at 6.30am and arriving home at 4.30pm. I drove to Papar and had breakfast at 7.30am before driving to Keningau via the Kimanis Crocker Range road which has several stretches of the steepest roads in Sabah. I arrived in Keningau in good time just before 9am and reached a church there before the Sunday service at 9.30am. Thankfully the pastor is a good friend and chatted with him for about 15 mins before leaving 60 books with him for the churches in Keningau District. I was invited to attend the service but the pastor forgot what I just told him, so we parted in peace and I headed to another church about 15kms away.

By the time I reached that church they were in the last worship song before sermon and I looked through the door and the usher gave me a chair and I sat down. I wanted to wait in the fellowship hall but I thought I must show respect to the Word of God so I listened to the whole sermon. I did not wait for the closing prayer but not before I heard the preacher sang a song after his sermon "Hidup hanya sekali" (you only live once) which happened to be the song I played in my car from Kimanis to Crocker Range. I told the elder that it was a confirmation that I came to his church today, a church where I had preached 3 times previously and they had experienced a mini revival with some members being born again. When I saw the church from the outside, I realized the Gospel needs to be preached again for many members appear to go through the motion without a saving knowledge of the Lord. How the Lord wants to bless them if they only know Him and cry out to Him.

By 11.15am I was driving away and had one more box with me, I decided to go to another way on the way to Tambunan and with Waze I reached the village with no problem. But I needed to ask exactly where the church is so I stopped one car along the way and when the driver saw me he called me "pastor" and I told him of my errand and he said the church was already locked and I should follow him for lunch in an elder's place. So when I got to the place there were already 6 or 7 cars parked and the owner had to open another gate for me to park my car. Lo and behold, the College's committee members were visiting and I know most of them and I was asked to sit with the preacher, a former colleague at College. Then a number of senior leaders were there and we chatted about the College and other matters besides. By 12.45pm I asked to take leave and I was the first one to leave and we parted ways with joy and goodbyes from about 25 folks gathered there. It had been a fruitful journey I pray to the Lord that the books will sell well for His Glory.

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