Saturday, September 3, 2022

Assayer of My People (Jeremiah)

Jeremiah, the prophet was appointed by God to be the assayer of His people, to test and examine their behaviour and spirituality before Him. The people of Judah are backsliding fast and their actions were becoming abhorrent to God. During these present times of pestilence and the pandemic that comes with it, God's people are tested and examined once more, whether we truly love Him, His Church and whether we love one another. "Act justly towards one another" thunders Jeremiah. "Do not think evil of your brother" saith the Lord delivered by Zechariah, the prophet. What does it mean to act justly and think of others without malice, prejudice and ill-will?

How often a relationship could have been saved by the injured party getting an apology from the party that trangresses. But people tend to be proud and the last thing they will do is to say sorry. They let the wrong be prolonged and injustice festers. How often people judge another person by worldly standards, the achievements he has or what positions he holds, how wealthy and influential or what he can do for me, instead of loving the person as he is whatever his background and circumstances in life. Jesus welcomed sinners, touched the lepers and let prostitutes weep at his feet. He did not turn away from anyone or turn anyone away from him. 

But now we build fences, walls and barriers for others to come to the Lord, barring people from church entry and worse barring servants of God from God's house and His service? Even now with the government relaxing most of the rules and SOPs, you still have some leaders refusing to bulge and are self-righteous to the hilt. What would God feel and do? That's why we need to read the prophets. It is only through the prophets we feel God's wrath and God's passion towards His people that they should walk humbly and justly before Him and towards one another. Many years can go by without God's apparent intervention, and people could be complacent thinking that the Lord will not do any good or evil. God is out of their calculation and equation in life. But God's judgement is sure to come, if not in this side of eternity but in the last judgement that each and every one will give an account of his action or inaction, his behaviour and attitude towards others and if he has truly reflected the image and way of Christ when he lived on the earth.

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