Thursday, September 22, 2022

Fulfilment of God's Word (2014-2022)

Has God spoken to you of late? I sought the Lord's will when deciding whether to return to Sabah in 2014. I spent several months in prayer and waiting on the Lord and at the end I felt the Lord spoke to me through three passages of Scripture. First, from Leviticus 25 that on one's 50th year (Jubilee) one is to return to one's land and possessions. At that time I had no possession though I interpret "land" as the land of my birth which God confirmed in another verse in Genesis where Jacob was commanded to return to the land of his birth.

When I said that I had no possession is because even the house I "owned" was in a joint name with my brother and I was still owing more than 2/3 of the cost of the house. 

And God's Word was fulfilled in July 2018 when I repaid my brother's loan and also the mortgage about the same time. Then on 31st Jan 2019 I truly returned to my possession as now I had left Ranau and returned to my home in Kota Kinabalu for "good" and the house was now under my sole ownership. I had just turned 54 years old and how amazing God's grace that into my 40s I did not think I would ever own a house let alone fully paid for one in about 12 years' time from the time of purchase. Most people take out a 30 year mortgage but I did not pay a cent and I will always tell it as God's gift to His servant who trusts in Him. 

The other two passages of Scripture are truly tested in the past couple of years and months. God spoke to me through the Jacob's narrative when God told him to leave Midian and return home: "I will be with you" which Jacob interpreted that God would deal well with him if he obeyed. Yes, God has dealt well with me. Many were sceptical about my future and well-being and some even wished for my financial ruin whenI had to resign when the draconian rule came in barring God's servants from service in God's house unless they are fully vaccinated. Even the government has no vaccine mandates and teachers who were not vaccinated took a desk's job but their salaries are still paid. But God's servants are cast aside without pay or suffer for their stand or medical conditions which prevented them from being vaccinated. 

So God's Word is truly tested that for nine months without a fixed salary, I had not suffered from any financial deprivation. In fact, I live normally as before. I go to cafe for my coffee and buy what I want when I want without fear that money may run out or be depleted. I can only say God is faithful to His Word. It is not my doing but God's power to sustain His servants in times of trouble. I will write more on the third passage of Scripture which God gave me in June 2014.

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