Wednesday, September 14, 2022


My son said it was a surprise. I prayed that he would come back for Christmas. Maybe we will meet or maybe not. I won't be in KK when he is back. I did not tell him so it might be a surprise to him. He should know that  Christmas season is my busiest time for me. Seven years when he got back for a short trip he managed to come along and we spent two days and two nights in Ranau before driving back midnight Christmas Day for him to catch a flight back to NZ. But this year the timing is out for I shall be away on 23rd December 2022.

The church that invited added another night of preaching and I shall be there at least until Christmas noon. But he will understand that ministry takes precedence especially those I have committed to earlier. Preaching God's Word is a standing order for Scripture says "preach the word in season and out of season". In fact, I just finished the outline of a sermon for this Sunday and then another one for Rosh Hashanah Monday week.

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