Wednesday, January 25, 2023

May the fount of youth flourish

The first foreign news that caught my attention was the swearing-in of the new New Zealand's Prime Minister. One fact that astounded me most is the fact that both the PM and former PM are so young, especially the former PM, Jacinda Ardern who is just 42 years old and had already served 5 years and three months before resigning last week. My good friend in church who also followed global news told me that in the West, leaders are young but in Malaysia, leaders hang on forever at all costs and there is hardly any chance of anyone below 50 years old making an impact. I pray that this could change not only in politics but also in church.

One must remember that Israel's golden age was when David and Solomon ruled as kings. David was 30 years old when he ruled over Judah and 37 years when he ruled over whole Israel (Jacinda's age when she became PM). I would think Solomon was only in his mid to late 20s when he started to reign. In Solomon's first twenty years were the glorious years of prosperity, learning and culture in Israel. Solomon was one of the younger sons of David, but yet the Lord God chose him. Before that, Joseph became the second in command, in fact the ruler of Egypt when he was 30 years old. And Paul told Timothy not to be self-conscious of his young age but he was to appoint, instruct and discipline elders if need be. Timothy was probably in his early or mid 30s when Paul wrote to him. 

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