Sunday, January 8, 2023

Second Sunday

This is the first Sunday since 5 weeks ago that I will not be preaching. Yesterday I drove up to Nahaba, 2 hours’ drive from KK. We stopped over for lunch in Tuaran and proceeded to Kota Belud reaching the town at 2.20pm. I picked up three books unsold (John’s Gospel) from a pastor friend at KB and proceeded to Nahaba to visit my good friend, the pastor of SIB Nahaba church. We reached there on time at 3pm sharp and it was raining heavily as we entered the stretch of road about 14kms from the main junction leading to Nahaba village.

This pastor friend was my colleague in Melangkap Bible college 28 years ago when I first started my ministry. I thought of staying for half an hour because we wanted to return to KK before sunset. But we stayed until 5.05pm and because of darkness setting in by mid-way back to KK we reached the city for dinner at 7.20pm. What did we chat about? As close friends for many years we were open and frank with our conversation. I congratulated on being ordained Reverend after 43 years in ministry and he said a number of senior pastors wondered why they were not included. It has been a sore point for many years now this ordination thing which for me meant nothing compared with the Spirit’s anointing in one’s life and ministry. We talked about our past appointments and how the Lord had led us thus far. As the AGM concluded 6 weeks ago we also spoke about the election of our leaders. Two hours went past quickly.

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