Saturday, March 18, 2023

Money Saved, Money Spent

Why do we save money? Why do we invest in an interest-bearing account? Do we save forever? No! We save in order that we may spend when the time comes or when we are in need. Woe betide those who have no savings or emergency funds for when they meet with some contingency, they have no money. Having no money as an adult is not a very good feeling. I remember NZ's former PM, John Key said that it was scary to be without money and he made heaps before retuning to NZ and entering politics. When I bought my little Korean car, I saved some money in order that I did not need to feel I am indebted to the bank, though I took out a 3-year car loan.

When my car loan was fully settled in 2021, I did not spend a cent of what I saved. In fact, it had increased by nearly RM1,000 over 5 years in interest. So now when time comes, I had to withdraw the savings because I needed to use for some purpose. If I had no savings, then I would not be able to do what I want to do and am going to do. 

Kias pagi makan pagi Kias petang makan petang is all too common to 70% of Malaysia's population. The middle class category is increasing smaller, with now less than 25%. Before it was reaching 40% (M40) but the pandemic and other financial crises had hit the poor and middle class hard. Even 25% of the so-called middle class, those having an income of RM10,000 per month, it could be a struggle if two or three kids are going to University and one is still paying a house mortgage and car loans. 

So I imagine in Malaysia, only 15% of the population live happily. There are these 13% of the upper-middle class whose lives are comfortable but not much more leftovers. And then you have the rich (1.5%) and also the extremely rich (0.5%) of the population. 

But God's economy turns our worldview upside down and it certainly spoils any financial planning one might have. I told my good friend of 35 years that his life and mine are polar opposites. He had two PRs of two different countries, but he retained none despite attempting to do so thrice. I held PRs also but I gave it up voluntarily, out of obedience to God. 

I could be a millionaire twice over at least in Malaysian Ringgt and possibly in Singaporean Dollar in a year or two if I did not give up my Singapore PR and had remained in Singapore. 

Second, one thing I have learnt to hate money is to spend it. Because you cannot love God and mammon. You have to hate one and love the other. The choice is stark. Because 95% Christians I'd imagine love money which means they are not really Christians because by loving money, they hate God. 

That's what the banking business is all about despite its present necessity for most people. Banks are probably the worst places or going concerns or any profession. Because banks deal with money and no one or nothing that deals with money could be clean as it is the mammon of unrighteousness

So I am going spend some money soon to do what I believe God wants me to do. I need to take risks. I need to have a Plan B. I told my wife I thought I was going to be with my Church until I die or retire. In less than 9 years since my return from Singapore, I am out of it, almost entirely, hanging on by the barest of thread as I still go and worship in one of my denomination's churches. Soon the silver cord might be broken just as Zechariah's staff of brotherhood is broken.

Third, one shows one hates money by giving. Giving to God and giving to all in need. Giving money sacrificially is a tonic to the soul. That's why most of my friends cannot understand. Even in giving, they are calculating their returns. I do it out of love for God and man and when God rewards us, He does not calculate or stinge; He blesses us abundantly until our hearts are overflowed with joy and our lips filled with laughter as in the times of abundant harvests.

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