Thursday, March 16, 2023

Walking by Faith

It's great if we have a Chrystal Ball in front of us foretelling our future so that at least we can plan ahead with a measure of certainty. But our future is in God and only God knows our future and all our futures are in Him. It's still two and a half months before I move into my College apartment and work starts on 1st June getting the lectures ready before the Second Semester begins. So what do I do in the interim? Barely 75 days to the start of June, I can do nothing or I can do much.

I can travel within the State and try selling the commentary on the Gospel of John which still 200 plus books left as I had printed 1,000. The Galatians' commentary has a few copies left and few more unsold somewhere in Sabah. I texted my fellow pastors who took my books and it was gracious of them to accept them and helped me promote the books in their churches. The Lawas Bible School practically sold all my books except for the package that arrived late after the Seminar had ended during which they sold more than 15 copies of my books.

What do I do? Just walking by faith and trusting God. Sometimes our minds are in overdrive, thinking too much, or overthinking things. But there is time to yield to God. Ask for His heavenly wisdom and divine guidance in all that we do. There is not a single thing we can do without Jesus. If indeed we want to do works that are wrought in God and have eternal value. All else is futile and chasing after the wind. 

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