Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Year of Anniversaries

I did not realize that this year 2023 is a year of anniversaries. I sold my law firm early Feb 1993 and officially my firm ceased operations on 28th Feb 1993. I went to NZ on 6th or 7th Feb 1993 to commence a two-week intensive Greek course at Auckland University which first Semester started on 1st March which is the 30th anniversary of my pursuit of theological education. This is also the 20th anniversary of me starting as pastor of my home church in Likas on 1st Jan 2003. Has it been 20 years already?

One elder who met me today told me that 20 years ago I ministered to him by not rejecting him as a leader of his local church. I don't remember anything. This elder is a good friend without any formal theological education but he is astute and is a man of prayers. He told many things and I agreed with his perceptive observations that were just spot on. "Lord You hide things from the wise and powerful but reveal them to the babes". If I start a new ministry in a Seminary in June, it will be a new beginning so the year ending with a "3" is worth celebrating. Further, soon it will be also my 20th anniversary as a "doctor" in theology (PhD) this coming August which will fall on the 23rd of the month. 

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