Saturday, November 23, 2013

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Why was the God of the Old Testament known as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? It is because this God is a god for those who will entrust his life to him without reservation. What does it mean by following such a god? It is by walking in faith, trusting that this God will lead and will provide and will protect those who dare to believe in this god. Jacob did not have an easy time. He was cheated out of his wages 10 times by Laban. Even when it was clear that God was blessing Laban on account of Jacob, Laban still did not favour Jacob and at the end Jacob saw that Laban's countenance towards him was changed and Jacob knew that it was time to go. But going back home has its own problems.
The once aggrieved brother, Esau had to be reconciled and Jacon feared greatly that he would not survive his brother's wrath. But God had told Jacob to return to his homeland protected Jacob not only from Laban who pursued Jacob but also from Esau who perhaps after much time had passed (20 years) was healed of old wounds. Jacob trusted God. He left home with only a staff but returned a wealthy man with 2 companies, two wives and many children and large herds of cattle and sheep. Jacob's troubles did not end there but his favourite son was taken away from him and separated for 20 years before Jacob would see Joseph in Egypt. But all is well and ends well with Jacob not only blessing his children but also Pharoah, the king of Egypt. As he breathed his last, he blessed Joseph's two sons, making them his own sons and giving them inheritance among his other sons. He leaned on his staff, perhaps the staff was the symbol of God's presence with him in all his journeys and wanderings from one place to another until he returned home to God.

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