Sunday, November 24, 2013

God of Jacob

Today I had a wonderful time worshipping the Lord together with his saints. It was a powerful experience. I experienced God's grace and glory in large measure. Lord you had mercy on me, a sinner! I had vision after vision and could not keep my eyes dry. Lord you know my wanderings and you keep my tears in a bottle. After more than 5 years in this church (though the first time in 3 months), for the first time the pastor encouraged us not just to shake hands with those sitting next to us but also asked their names. I introduced myself and prayed for a brother, Desmond. I also got to know an architect who was most friendly and we exchanged name cards. It was a message from the throne of God. How important it is that worship allows God's Spirit to have full reign in our hearts and prepare us for His Word. The speaker spoke for 1 hour 15 minutes with translation and I thought he could go on for another 10 minutes but the time showed past 1pm. The anointing flowed freely and touched many hearts. After I prayed for a brother I saw his hands half lifted to the Lord. How heavy it would be and how hard it is to lift our hands unto the Lord if our hearts are hard and our hands heavy for the lack of the Spirit's touch. Lord, you are the God of Jacob. If you read Genesis, Jacob is the real star or the central character, perhaps more than Abraham and certainly more than his illustrious son, Joseph. God is not known as the God of Joseph but the God of Jacob.
Jacob occupies most of the second half of Genesis with almost 25 chapters (Gen 25-50) except for a chapter each for Esau and Judah and several chapters reserved for Joseph (37-41) only to prepare for Jacob to take centre stage from 42 onwards until he blessed his sons and grandchildren on his death-bed. Jacob was a wanderer like his father and grandfather before him. Abraham always had his family with him and Isaac as well, but Jacob after his fall-out with Esau, had to step out on his own. Yet God was with him and appeared to him. Even after Jacob decided to go to Egypt you have God saying, "I will go down to Egypt with you" (46:4). It is as if God follows Jacob, not the other way round. This is our God, the God of Jacob. He does not let us go, He will go before us, He will be our rear-guard and where we go, there He is with us for He has said, "Go and make disciples of all nations...and I am with you always even until the end of the age."

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