Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wedding & Church

I attended a wedding at church yesterday and went for the dinner reception last night. It was an easy decision for me to return home earlier as it was my elder's daughter's wedding. This elder was especially supportive when I was a new member, joining his home group and seeing his children growing up was a joy. When I became a pastor, he was the deputy chairman and did a large share of work in the ministry. I remember well how he took me to my first of 3 inter-faith dialogues at a public university.
I felt the presence of God as I spoke Malay in a calm and clear way in front of 200 mostly Malay students. Last night was also a great joy. We were seated with pastors and elders and it was a delightful fellowship. I only moved across one table to greet one close friend, a prominent politician in the State. My good friend, the City mayor was there and we chatted as we entered the banquet hall. This morning perhaps due to the exertions of the day before we were late to church. But the worship was good Siapakah aku ini Tuhan jadi biji mata Mu? The preacher spoke about the goodness of God and how in his nearly 60 years he felt God leading and providing for him and family even during the time he took early retirement and wondered where his next paycheck would come from. Is he already 60? He looked only in his 40s. Yesterday during the lunch reception, another young leader spoke with me and told me he would be 40 years old next year and he wanted to do something different in his life. Lord are you telling me something? I will soon be 50. What have I done for You?

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