Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bitter Sweet

I had such joy returning from a weekend ministry in Kota Belud, near the place where I started ministry in 1994. It was sweet, sweeter than the honeycomb when you know you are proclaiming God's word, blessing many people. The church was full to the brim on Sunday morning with 350 adults and over 100 children in attendance. But Monday came the bitterest experience. Indeed it was a like a thorn in the flesh almost stole the joy I had on Sunday. Like Elijah after his great triumph on Mount Carmel he had a valley low experience of dealing with Jezebel. What I learned is humility ready to be villified for Jesus' sake and not let elation take too much place in one's soul since we are still in the flesh and there will be many thorns until we meet the Lord in the air.

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