Friday, December 20, 2013

Moses' 40 Years in Wilderness

What did Moses do for 40 years in the wilderness? Looking after his father-in-law's sheep and goats. Quite similar to his forefathers, Jacob and the 12 patriarchs and David who came after him. There must be long days and nights, year in and year out, for 40 years. Moses was 80 years old at the time when the Psalmist thinks only the strong could last. Yet, Moses began his career afresh at 80. At an age past retirement when the world has no more use of aged men, but what the world thinks worthless is chosen by God. Our God is a god of reversal, reversal of worldly standards as Jesus said in Luke 16, "what is highly esteemed by men is abominable to God". In that context it was money highly prized by the Pharisees but Jesus saw through their religiosity, a smokescreen for their love of money and greed.
Moses' 40 years were not productive and he felt he was useless when God appeared before him, claiming to be slow of speech. But it was God who created the mouth and he will speak through men he chooses whether they think they are capable or not for it is the Lord at work and not men.

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