Saturday, December 14, 2013

Old Friends & New World

I had a visit from a friend after sending a message to his dad that I was hoping to contact him. He was one of my closest friends during the secondary school years that lasted until we were starting our careers. He did very well for himself financially and the first question he asked me was how I was coping financially since I was serving God. To many serving God is unimaginable since how can one survive if we don't work for money. I told him how God provided for me for 19 years in full time minstry. We talked over tea and 1.5 hours passed quickly. On our way back he asked me the same question about how I could cope finanicially. He was surprised that I had supported my son in New Zealand for 6 years. I gave him the same answer that God had provided and will provide.
I shared a few things about Christianity, on how we viewed fate and self efforts. We talked about how to keep marriages happy and steady. But for the world, money is really the god as people who do not God cannot hope for anything beside earning as much money as possible for themselves, their children's education and their retirement. How oppressive to have to think of money all the time. As we parted I prayed for my friend in my heart. I appreciated him coming to see me after more than 20 years of no contact. Some friends might even wonder why I now visit them after so long. Well, my new world is the church, my spiritual family. The church has its shares of problems. It is not perfect and it will not be perfected until Christ returns. Even the closest families have their squabbles. The church family can be as unwelcoming and cold. But I am Christ's servant. I will not give up on the church until the bride is made ready for the bridegroom, even the friend of the bridegroon is glad to hear the voice of the bridegroom near the door. Maranatha!

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