Monday, December 2, 2013

Flowing with your Gift

I think it is Proverbs that it is written a gift will make one's way to the King. We have been given gifts and talents from the Lord. These gifts should be used to the maximum in the advancement of the kingdom of God on earth. Often times the gifts are used for personal gain but not for the glory of God. Sometimes these gifts are not used effectively and the returns are marginal. At times these talents are hidden and they are useless and laid forlorn. But he who uses his gifts to the maximum will be blessed by the Lord and the anointing follows the gift for whom the Lord has given he will empower to the full. Young Christians sometimes fail to recognize their giftings and it is important for leaders to identify and nurture these gifts and give encouragement to all to use them effectively to build the house of the Lord. In his house there are many utensils and each is so set to work according to its purpose. So you need to determine your gift or giftings from the Lord. You will need to use them to the maximum and seek the greatest returns.

Oftentimes I wonder whether I have been using my gifts to the full. I know in preaching I have a full measure of God's anointing and in teaching, my students will need to judge my effectiveness. I seek to inspire and not just to impart knowledge. For several years now leadership gifting is in dormant. How little have I achieved in this area. The gift of leadership is not something to be taken upon lightly. It is a serious calling. Jesus did not call himself the high priest. It was God who appointed him. The burden of leadership is great but one can't run away from it. Like Jeremiah one does not run away from being a shepherd. Unless leadership is exercised by those whom God has called, the church does not advance. It lies hapless like sheep without a shepherd. Without God-ordained leadership the church drifts aimlessly like a ship without a navigator. Christian institutions and organizations have gone past their expiry date, useless like salt losing its saltiness only to be cast aside when leaders are man-appointed and only care for traditions and the status-quo without knowing the mind of the Lord.

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