Thursday, December 12, 2013

Making a Fresh Start from where it Started

It has been exactly 12 years since I last visited my hometown in 2001. At that time 12 years ago I had no idea where my career was headed, whether I could even finish my PhD. But within a year I was appointed pastor of my homechurch. NOW I have arrived at another cross-road, not knowing by middle of next year where I shall be headed. BUT always trusting in God who chose this little town called "Little Hong Kong" to give birth to me, almost 50 years ago. I looked up a close friend from my secondary school days, someone I had not met for more than 20 years.

When we were younger we played soccer, watched movies and hanged out together. Together with the sibuga gang we were inseparable. WHAT journey God has led me in my first 50 years. I saw my friend doing the same business after he finished his form 5 in the same office. But my life has been anything but predictable. I had no idea how my life was transformed when I met Jesus in Christchurch in 1982. What an adventure it had been. The last I had decided to go to New Zealand 6 years ago but somewhat I was led back closer to home in Singapore. I do not know what my next 6 years will bring. It's the 7th year and it is my sabbatical and my Jubileeth year. It's time for a break from normal routines, it is time for rest. That is exactly what I have been doing in the past 2 weeks. RESTING in the Lord. It was only yesterday morning at 4.30am when I got up to catch an early flight that I knew what I would be speaking on Christmas' Eve. Christmas sermon is almost settled but the Lord could still speak as He had spoken to me in the past 31 years and 7 months and 18 days.

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