Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Righteous shall Live by Faith

This is a key text for Paul in Romans. It is the key for Christian living. What does it mean by living by faith? First, it means believing in God and believing in the One whom God sent, Jesus Christ (John 6). By believing in Him, we gain life, eternal life with the Father and the Son. Living by faith means trusting in God from day to day, not just for spiritual salvation from sins and condemnation but also for daily sustenance. It means looking to the Lord for our bread, our daily needs. Often faith does not seem to be relevant in day to day living. If it is not so one may rightly ask, "Am I righteous before God?" For the righteous shall live by faith. It means obeying God though outward circumstances suggest perhaps it is best to rely on human plans and human efforts.
How often the patriachs have sinned because they did not wait for God's will but rather trusted in their own judgment. God always has the best for us, he has our best interests at heart. No one else in the world could say that, not even our spouses or children or parents or pastors. But God can be trusted and he loves those who will put their trust in him. Like Abraham by faith obeyed though he did not know where he was going. Like Moses, he obeyed and gave up wealth and power for the invisible God. He was prepared to wait 40 years in the wilderness before God chose him to be the deliverer of Israel. We don't have to rush God. GOD is always on time. He is never late nor too early. His timing is perfect for as long as we wait He will make us walk in his paths and open doors that no man can shut. When God does that, we will know that he is the LORD and that our prosperity or well-being is not our own doing but simply as a result of God's sheer grace and generosity poured out into lives that dare follow him as He bids.

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