Sunday, November 17, 2013

Returning to Singapore for New Year

One of my close friends came to my office and thought I was going back to Sabah for good this Christmas. Not so fast. I am returning to Singapore to speak at a New Year's Eve's Service. Today I had such joy in serving the Lord, preaching three consecutive services in the morning. It was 312, meaning that my best sermon was the last and first one I was happy with and the second was pretty average though I received the most appreciative comments for my second sermon. It was based on Hosea 10: "A King - What can a king do for us?" (v. 3) and as I never repeat my sermon verbatim, each sermon has different illustrations. During the sermon at the 2nd service, I shared how I became a Christian in Christchurch and how I loved the Lord's church, often walking for 2 hours even during winter from Ilams' Flats to my first church in the city centre. How exciting it was and it is to love and serve the Lord. A young man led worship for the last service and I was refreshed in my spirit and that perhaps explained why I experienced the Lord's anointing in large measures. I was in full flight. I could have gone on for 50 minutes but I respected the time given to me (30 mins) but still felt free to speak for 36 minutes as that was the final service for the day.
When I think of my future, I think the Lord has a way to encourage me that if He is with me, nothing should concern me much. I saw the Lord opening even more doors for ministry and meeting with fellow pastors and new friends in Singapore. When I return to Singapore for New Year 2014, it could be my last New Year in Singapore or it could a beginning of many New Years in this island state which I have grown fond of, enjoying the clean air, green trees, libraries in many shopping malls and there are many God-fearing people in the land.

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