Friday, November 8, 2013

Wrap Up

We had just concluded the first Semester this morning with the Closing Communion Service at Chapel. The Principal as usual preached a solid message on Resurrection with wonderful exegesis and pastoral application beside. Yesterday I invigilated the NT 1 exams for 36 students. One reported stomach-ache and had to sit for the exams in the afternoon (grace and more grace was given to the student!). On Tuesday I listened to 17 presentations from my Romans class. Excellent work by my students and almost all did extremely well with creative delivery. We had a good laugh on many occasions to the chagrin of those next door and we toned down after being ticked off. It has been a fun-filled Semester with lots of laughter and joy. Not only teaching Paul's letter to the Romans which to me was certainly the highlight (on average I wrote more than 3,000 word notes running to 40 points for each 3 hours' lectures) but NT 1's class had a certain vibrancy not felt in the past cohorts.

Preaching wise, next Sunday I shall be preaching my 20th sermon in 9 weeks. Yesterday I received the most beautiful gift from my former student - a Malay Bible with new translation. I read for 2 hours last night and an hour this morning. I can't help but feel that my time in the Bahasa-speaking ministry is not up yet. There is power and beauty in the Malay language. I can't help but feel sad at the reactions over the court case dealing with the use of the name of God. May God have mercy on his Church in East and West Malaysia.

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