Saturday, November 9, 2013

Looking Forward to June 2014

I am about to finish my innings. My spell is almost over. This morning I received a beautiful 2014 calendar from the Bible Society of Singapore. It reminded me that I must forget the past and look forward and strive towards the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. For the past two years, I have had this feeling that my time is almost up. I have lived from Semester to Semester. The conclusion to another year, 2013 is already a bonus and by June 2014 I will have finished my race here. What comes after is in God's hands.
Two months ago, my colleague wondered aloud why I was offering the book of Revelation for only 2 students in the MMin programme (the course has since been opened to all students and I expect a few more to sign up). The only reason I thought to myself then was next Semester could be my last Semester and I wanted to teach what God had taught me for one last time before I called time here. Bind up the testimony and seal up this revelation among my disciples (Isa 8:11).

How true that had turned out. I have been ready to move for sometime now. Humanly there was only one hindrance of me moving on to a new place. The fear of packing and carrying my books from my place to another. Jacob had become two camps (Gen 32) and when he left Laban, he had many cattle and flocks.
I have nothing but books. I came here with 7 big boxes of books and I will leave with at least 14 boxes. Jacob met with God's angels and may God's angels aid me along the Way, packing and carrying my books all the way.

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