Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Give me One Proof of Your Goodness" (NJB, Psalm 86,16)

There are times like the Psalmist that we seek proof that God is on our side. Like Gideon there are times we thought that we should test whether God is still with us. Yet testing God could be presumptous and offending the Most High is not something to be trifled with. The Psalmist in Ps 86 feels he is persecuted and there are are many around him that would make life difficult for the god-fearing man.  Once I read that about a third of the Psalter deals with David's or the Psalmist's enemies.
I wonder why nearly a total of 50 Psalms has to speak about the foes and enemies of the those who fear the Lord. Perhaps the Psalmist is only describing reality on the ground as he seeks to serve the Lord yet there are so many around him that are half hearted, in fact are bent on putting hindrances in the way of the godly and oppose the deeds of the righteous one. "Arrogant men, God, are attacking me, a brutal gang hounding me to death; people to whom you mean nothing." (86,14). But the Psalmist pleads for God's mercy to turn to him and pity him...give me your strength, your saving help...give me one proof of your goodness. Make my opponents ashamed, show them that you are my help and consolation."

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