Friday, November 6, 2015

On the Move

It's hard to believe that with SIB churches found in all corners of the State of Sabah that I have just gone out of the Ranau District once, on the 12th June 2015 to Malinsau, 2.5 hours' drive from Ranau on treacherous muddy and rocky roads. That night I escaped the biggest tremor since the 5th June 5.9 earthquake as Ranau was hit by an aftershock measuring 5.1. I have kept myself within my jurisdiction which is my pastorate with 5 services a week. That will keep any pastor occupied with an increasing church membership. I have kept myself busy somewhat as Ranau District has given me much opportunity for ministry from Children's ministry, Youths, Women's Fellowship - I was either the sole speaker or one of the two or three preachers for these event or Conferences. I had also done one End-time seminar at the edge of Ranau district, some 30 mins' drive at Bundu Tuhan, near the National Park where Mount Kinabalu is located. But today I am headed to an interior district of Keningau another 2.5 hours' drive though this time on better roads.

I have not been to Keningau since a decade ago, a place where I held the first of 12 end-time seminars I had conducted due to the persistence of my pastor-friend who called me often and wrote at least twice requesting that I taught the book of Revelation in his church. I remember fondly my trips to a small village in Keningau called Tuntumulud (3 times I was invited for Christmas) and the pastor there was a prayer warrior that fasted often and sought the Lord's favour with his cries and intercessions day and night. This pastor shared how his house was open 24/7 to all and sundry and I learned from him the meaning of hospitality as a requirement of the pastoral/eldership office (1 Tim 3). And to see the smile on his wife's face would make one realize without the wife's support, especially in extending hospitality, a pastor's testimony is somewhat curtailed in that regard.

I am going to a familiar place today as the District Youth Christmas celebration will be held in one of the older SIB churches in Keningau. Some 19 years ago in 1996, I parked my car there on my way to Nabawan (2 hours' drive from Keningau) and we were hit by Greg Storm when more than 200 people perished on Boxing Day as the flood waters rose high and mighty with houses near the rivers submerged and swept away. After this Keningau trip, I have another journey to make to Nahaba (Kota Belud District) after this on 21st Nov just for one service. I had turned down the 3 revival meetings late August there as I did not want to miss a Sunday in my church. This Sunday will be the 3rd Sunday that I will miss in my Ranau church but I should be back on Sunday evening to join the Women's folks celebrating the farewell for an intern pastor who had served with us from 31st May to 31st October.

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