Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Dust has Settled

I reached Ranau in record time, trying hard to keep within speed limits.  My elder told me that there was no need for me to be in church this morning as I was not preaching and he could take over the officiating of the Lord's supper. But when I got up before dawn, I had this feeling that I could not leave my flock this Sunday and decided to drive back to Ranau. I had 3 hectic days in KK, juggling between attending our denomination's AGM and visiting my sick father in the hospital.

Twice I drove to the church and the city before day light broke, to escape from the traffic and also that if I saw dad early I could go on to the AGM on time. Yesterday before the elections of the office bearers took place, I attended the dawn prayers in church. I was heading back home for a short rest when I got a message from my brother that I was needed in the hospital. So there was no rest whole day except for a short break at 1pm.

The dust has settled. Elections were done and leaders elected. There was no change and I surprised myself for not standing for any post. I had travelled only twice outside and some delegates did not even know that I had returned from Singapore. Though as usual not a few of my friends came up to me after nominations closed and asked whether I was standing for any elected office. I waved them away with a smile and a turn of my head. The incumbents were reelected and everyone went home happy. At least for me, this is the best team for the moment and when asked a week ago, I told my friends that "why change unless you have better candidates?"

Now I can plan for the next 3 years and most likely I will remain pastor of the Ranau church unless I am told otherwise by my President. The discipleship class in English is still very much in my heart and if there are English speakers in KL or Singapore would like to try out mission work in this part of Borneo, I shall be most happy to entertain. Come over and help us...I pray that my readers will have the Macedonian vision like Paul.

My church friends in KK told me I lost weight; how else otherwise since I have been preaching non stop the whole year especially after the Ranau earthquake. The harvests are plentiful are the workers are few. Today for the first time my deputy and the most senior elder acknowledged the church had grown. During holidays we are usually half full but today it was almost packed with a few seats here and there. Even the 2nd service was attended by more than 100 worshippers. I wonder how we are going to cope in the New Year when the students return.

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