Thursday, November 5, 2015

Will my Books ever Find a Home?

In the rush of packing last year, somehow I sent a box of books to my son in Dunedin,  New Zealand thinking that I might just join him there early this year. So when he told me he was moving up to Auckland next week, I was in two minds again about what to do with my books. I don't want to burden him as he has enough baggage moving house to another city. But in my indecision just in case I were to go to New Zealand next year, I thought there was no point in posting the books back to Malaysia.
At the end as nothing has been decided as to where I would be next year, I decided the safest course was for my books to be sent back to Sabah. Since postage in NZ could be dear, more than RM500.00 for 10 kgs,  I had to decide which books I would want to be sent back. My books have traveled with me during my pilgrimage. Where I have sojourned there my books would be. I have 300 books in Singapore, mostly older books in KK and the most useful ones in Ranau. I look forward to receiving my books from NZ and I hope I don't have to travel again in the near future so that my books will find a home when I lodge.

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