Monday, November 23, 2015

The Need 4 Power

The kingdom of God is not of talk but of power, says Paul. Unless one has experienced the power and possesses the power, one's ministry is in vain. The power is not personal. It does not belong to man but to God. It is the sovereign will of God to bestow the power of the Holy Spirit to whomever he wishes. Paul says that God has made him and his colleagues ministers of the new covenant. The old covenant brings death but the new brings life because the power of the Spirit is given to those who believe in Christ and to those who are called to be His servants. Too often the selection or election of leaders is done without giving heed to the need for power. God's servants are powerful not in themselves but the Spirit of God anoints them to carry his mighty works.
I realized for once that the power during my preaching in the 2nd service yesterday was draining fast. I had preached two long sermons, one on Saturday and the first sermon on Sunday both powerful sermons. Even Jesus could feel that power had gone out of him to heal the woman with an issue of blood. Obviously, physical health plays a part because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. If our bodies are broken, it will be difficult for the Spirit to flow freely. But on occasions God allows sickness to come upon his servants to teach them that He could work even in broken down bodies. I was shivering with cold and fever in Keningau a couple of weeks ago, yet I managed to preach 3 powerful sermons and gave a lecture on the history of Christmas.

In human terms every thing needs power to work. Without battery power no smartphone or tablet will work. Without jet powered fuel and engines, no aeroplane will lift off and fly into the sky. Even for me, I thank God for the vehicle He had given me to be steward for His glory. Without a 4-wheel drive with sufficient power, I would not have able to climb mountains and travel on muddy and gravel roads to preach the Gospel in the villages of Borneo. All of us need power and the most important gift is the gift of the Holy Spirit as Jesus says, "How much more the Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask of him..." (Luke 11:13). Lord give me a double portion of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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