Friday, December 23, 2016

Have Shirts will Travel

Thankfully almost all the villages that I have been to had electricity and power supply. Only once 2 weeks ago in Kemabong a main cable was being repaired and from 10am to about 6pm we had no electricity.  But with no ironing services I normally pack as many shirts as I need for the duration of my travels. This time I have to bring six shirts because I will be speaking on 4 occasions over 3 days beginning tonight. And I have been asked to conduct baptism,  most likely in Kinabatangan river, the longest river in Sabah, so an extra shirt is called for. On my way back from Entilibon, I shall be stopping over for a wedding of a colleague near Ranau and hence another shirt is warranted. With experience, I always bring an extra shirt just in case of emergency or for whatever eventuality. Since it is Christmas and this time it falls on Sunday it behoves us to wear our Sunday best but this year I have not bought any new shirt for Christmas though I had purchased a couple several months ago in light of my impending travels and itinerant preaching.
This will be my longest journey yet going to Kota Belud (KB) tonight for a Youth Christmas celebration, then tomorrow morning travelling on the Ranau by-pass road to Ranau onwards to Entilibon Kinabatangan, the interior of the East Coast of Sabah. On my way back next Monday if time and energy level permit, I shall stop by the College to see whether my refurbished wooden house is completed. When the contractor first started the project last August, the promise was that it would be done in 2 weeks but it was only completed after three and a half months, even that I had to use my advocacy skills to get the message across to the person concerned that pastors and Christians are not to be trifled with.

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