Monday, December 26, 2016

Final Leg (Part 2)

It was intense. I am on my final leg of journeying back to KK with a stopover in Ranau for lunch. I preached my worst sermon last night, my 22nd sermon and last sermon for this Christmas season. I had nothing left in the tank. It was hard going but I managed to plow through Eph 5,1-14 in 50 minutes. The first two sermons lasted an hour each on Matthew 2 and 4 respectively. Yesterday after the Christmas morning  service I baptised 7 young men in river Kamaruok in Entilibon. I felt I should do it instead of finding excuses since the great commission includes baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I went into the river bare foot and it has been a few years since I baptised people in a river. Last year at my Ranau church I baptised about 15 youths on 2 occasions in a church baptismal pool. But after 2 months of travelling I am very much looking forward to a long rest without preaching.
 I will be taking a couple of days' rest before preparing for my NT lectures on John's Gospel and NT theology for a fourth year BTheol class. I will also teach English mid week for all who are able to take my class. It will be in 3 parts, first reading a passage of Scripture or a Psalm, second, a chapter of a Christian book (devotional or spiritual) and third 30 minutes on conversational English. I am glad it is over, this season of itinerant preaching. It has been great to connect with the churches again some of which I visited for the first time and some a second time after 20 years. Overall there has been great joy and conviction of sins by the Holy Spirit. Yesterday morning I gave an altar call for repentance and four women came forward with loud cries and one knelt before the Lord. It turned out a couple heard me preached in Sandakan last May and they expressed their desire to have me visit again. Well, if it is only an hour or so drive away.

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