Thursday, December 1, 2016

Full-time in the Lord's Service

Today I celebrate my 22nd anniversary as a full time worker in the Lord's service. I started when I was at a ripe age of 30 at Kg.  Melangkap teaching in a Bible College. Yesterday I went back to the same district, a bit further away in Nahaba and the Lord worked marvellously in last night's revival meeting. I spoke from 1 John 5,14-15 about the assurance of answered prayers. I first gave a testimony how the Lord called the two top students of St Marys Secondary School Sandakan to be pastors. I challenged the SIB church to give the best and do not allow the culture and tradition that those who can't make it to University are those who go into Bible College. We must give our best and the Lord could use a Paul or Pauls of the 21st century to bring great change to the church. Moses the greatest of all prophets is said to be learned in all the wisdom of Egpyt and he never let his great learning distract him from his great mission. Surely his learning helps Moses shaped and formed the nation of Israel in the wilderness.
The month of December is indeed special. As I enter into my 23rd year in the Lord's work I am amazed at His grace. It wasn't the easiest to preach in a village setting. It was mighty hot last night and the church was without aircon. I wore a short sleeved shirt without tie and I sweated profusely.  I don't know how the tambourine dancers with their more elaborate dress and attire could perform in such a heat. But the heat of God's Word must have warmed many hearts. I shared several testimonies how the Lord answered prayers in my life and ministry. I testified how the Lord gave rain in answer to our prayers last April when there was a drought for 3 months. I couldn't resist sharing again how I returned to Singapore on the 22nd June 2013 when the day before the island city was shrouded in haze of 401 PSI a record high reading in the Republic history. Yet I prayed for the haze to be taken away or wind to blow it away as I was flying back to Singapore from Sabah. As I reached Sinapore's about 3pm 22nd June the sky cleared up and there was no the slightest hint of a haze throughout Singapore that day. I challenged the youths last night to learn English and told them that with GOD nothing is impossible and they could master the lingua franca of today's world for their own future and also the growth of the church in Sabah and beyond. I made an altar call and in the first couple of minutes I thought no one was going to respond. But slowly a few came forward and later the barrier was breached and the Lord worked wonders.  I was glad to see more young men than young women responded. a few young men gave their lives to the Lord with strong crying and tears of repentance. For more than 20 minutes we sang a couple of worship songs and very few members chose to sit in spite of my invitation for them not to stand up. when the Shekinah presence of God is manifested, people stood in awe and many knelt at the altar. There was spontaneous shouts of joy at the pes and a young woman danced for the Lords glory and it easy a glorious sight. After the closing prayer there was palpable joy and we chatted for another 20 minutes or so in church before making our way back to the church house for more fellowship and great joy accompanied us.

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