Monday, November 28, 2016

Reading Romans Reflectively

I have been reading Romans the whole day, morning, noon and evening. From chapter 3 to 8 and I will be finishing chapter 8 tonight. It's been a while; I have this practice that I must read through Romans at least twice a year; other books I can read through once but Romans is such an important book that one can do with repeated readings and reflective readings for that matter. Romans answers the deepest and most profound questions there are concerning the nature of self, sin and salvation.
On Wednesday I will be speaking two sessions in a District level Youth meeting - the first is a lecture on salvation and the second a sermon for the revival meeting at night. Today I have been just reading and praying and tomorrow morning I will prepare some slides for the lectures. Then two more Christmas sermons for the week-end. Thankfully it will be an overnight trip to Spiting, one service on Saturday night and on Sunday morning. But there is much travelling and driving to do which is always a challenge. But I am well rested not to say I am raring to go but I see that my duty to obey the Great Commission to "Go!" and make disciples of all nations, the tribes of Borneo and the present and future generations of believers in the land below the Wind. How long I will remain here in this place only God knows but I am determined to work while it is still day while opportunities avail for me to preach God's Word and minister to the saints.

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