Friday, November 25, 2016

Finding a Place for the Lord's Dwelling

When I think of all my travels and forthcoming journeys I can only ponder on David's Psalm 132 that David refuses to give sleep to his eyes until he finds a place for the Lord's rest. Behold David's afflictions. Behold my afflictions. Lord what I go through for Jesus' sake, for the sake of His church so that the Lord might find a dwelling among His people and rest in the midst of His children. So I brace myself for more travels starting again Wednesday to Nahaba to the north in Kota Belud District and then turning south to Sipitang next weekend. Only yesterday I accepted another invitation to speak at a Youths Christmas on 23rd Dec in Kota Belud. I comfort myself that through the Ranau bypass road I could proceed to the East towards Entilibon where I will preach 3 sermons over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before heading back to KK on Boxing Day for a week's rest to prepare for the start of the new academic year on 3rd January.
Lord who is adequate for all these? It is You who are able to strengthen Your servants so that we may feed the Lord's flock. Where does the Lord dwell? He dwells in His church set in right order, in peace and love. A church that is in love with her heavenly bridegroom and does everything in love. A church where brothers and sisters dwell in unity and glorify God with one voice and one heart. A church that does her ministry to edify her members and reach out to the lost world. A church that is sold on the Great Commission. How can we obey when we don't even "Go!" and move out of our comfort zones? Lord here I am Send me!

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