Thursday, November 17, 2016

10 Days Free of Travel

I don't remember that I did not have to travel for a span of 10 days as I have now experienced since College's academic year ended last Monday. I have been driving short distances within Kota Kinabalu, going into the city back and forth or the nearest suburb of Inanam for meals and tea breaks. But tomorrow I travel afresh and I am bracing myself for a 4-hour drive through several towns, Papar, Beaufort, Sipitang and then onwards to Mendolong.
It will be a District level meeting similar to one I attended last June in Long Mio but this time the theme is pre-Christmas celebrations. Many SIB Districts are holding KKR Pra Natal (pre Christmas revival meetings) as nearer to Christmas most local churches will celebrate Christmas with a series of meetings from children's ministry,  youths, women's and then men's. Then comes the final meetings, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself. Some churches have two meetings, some have 3 meetings with Christmas night meeting as well. I got invited to speak 4 times in one far away District for Christmas this time but I managed to cut short by one, so 3 sermons it will be for me this Christmas. As for me it is the travelling that tires me but for the Gospel's sake this is a little cross that I must bear and provided the people are still prepared to hear God's Word preached in fulness I will go on in Christ's strength.

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