Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The End of All Things is Near (1 Pet 4:7)

I was meditating on this verse (1 Peter 4:7) 👈 over a cup of coffee during lunch time yesterday while reflecting on the events of the past 24 hours, in particular the 7.5 Richter earthquake near Christchurch. Hamner Springs is the nearest town to the epicentre, a town close to my heart - this little tourist town of thermal springs where I worked during the holidays in my University days 30 years ago.
As I was reading 1 Peter 😎, a friend whom I had not met for 10 years or so came to me and we talked of all things, the book of Revelation. It was no coincidence at the very moment I was thinking that for 2016 I have yet to conduct a seminar on end-time or the book of Revelation. I thought we might be getting a bit complacent after the Ranau earthquake had passed (June 2015) and people tend to forget that we might just be living in the end-time when the end of all things is near, as Apostle Peter declares. But God had other ideas and I got myself an invitation to speak about the 7 seals at the Full Gospel Business Men tomorrow and the following week which works out fine for me. At least it is a precursor of my itinerant ministry, recommencing this Friday for 4 sessions in Mendulong (Lundayeh and Murut tribes) followed by 2 sessions in Nahaba at the end of the month (Kadazan-Dusuns). I pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ come to a realisation that the end-time is near indeed.

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