Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Romans Class

I have 17 students in my year 3 Romans class. Most of them are enthusiatic students a joy to teach. Today we had our class photo taken but two did not make it. Today I lectured on Sin from Romans 7:13-25 in the first session and Romans 8:1-25 for the next two sessions. Next week I will finish up Romans 8 and will try to launch into Romans 9-11 on Israel's place in the plan of God. I have to add one extra class as I missed one week due to another intensive course a few weeks ago. With the additional one female student who came in this Semester I have 9 female students and 8 male students.
By right if all the women stay on in the ministry there would be at least 40% of female pastors and 60% male. Thus I was surprised to see a photo of Zone 4 pastors from 6 Districts which females are only about 15% of the total numbers. Perhaps some got married and went out of ministry to become wives and mothers. Ideally if they marry pastors both husband and wive can serve as pastors in churches. Last Sunday I heard a message from one of our Pusat's coordinators. He shared how when he started ministry that he was paid only RM300.00 and most of his church members were rubber tappers. But in the 3rd year they had to reduce his salary because they cleared the land of rubber trees and replanted. For for a couple of years he had to work in a factory in order to serve the church there. Amazing testimony that he stayed in that village for 6 long years. Then he shared how until today there are still pastors getting paid RM300.00 per month and one of his duties is to locate funds to top up the pastors' salaries.

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