Monday, September 11, 2017

Romans Detour: Galatians

After reaching the middle of Paul's letter to the Romans I realized I had to make a detour to Galatians. So tomorrow in 3 hours I shall be expounding on the six chapters of Galatians especially Paul's insistence that the Gentile believers do not submit to the Law of Moses represented by the circumcision rite. Galatians is an amazing letter. Everytime I read Galatians I am fired up to stand up for the truth of the Gospel and say like Paul "if I still please men I am no servant of Christ". The truth of the gospel so vehemently defended by Paul essentially is the coming together of Jews and Gentiles as one people of God with the only mark of identity being faith in Jesus Christ.
Anything else beside is twisting the Gospel whether be it one or other commandment - circumcision, keeping of holy days and perhaps in today's context the insistence on tithing as well. Freedom from the Law is absolute and in fact the Law imprisoned people in sin before Christ came to liberate us from what imprisoned us. Therefore to return to the Law in submitting to its rites and obligations is building again what Christ has come to tear down and if that is the case it means a rejection of the gospel which is the death of Christ being in a sense our death to the Law when we are united in Christ who was born of a woman subject to the Law and became a curse on our account in order to free us from the Law. It will be interesting to see how much I can cover tomorrow and may God help me in Christ the Lord.

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