Saturday, September 30, 2017

Reading God’s Word

I just posted in my College WhatsApp group an article on reading habits of successful people. I followed up with another post on an Isaiah commentary with the caption those who seek out God’s Word day and night. It is a challenge in Seminary setting to get students reading and developing a reading habit and culture. They read when they had to do to finish essays and assignments. But alas how many take reading seriously and making it a lifestyle choice to improve oneself and one’s ministry.
Easy to just flip through the Bible when one is preparing for sermons. But taking delight in reading God’s Word, growing spiritually and drawing near to God in the reading of His Word is surely one spiritual discipline that one could not afford not to have. So many after a few years in ministry feel stagnant or even backslide due to lack of reading skills and the culture of studying the Scripture. As Isaiah enunciates that the day will come that God’s people will read and understand His Word (Isaiah 28-29). The deaf will hear and the mute will speak when God heals his people of spiritual laziness and lethargy.

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