Monday, October 2, 2017

Middle Earth & Bible Apps

I am not talking about the Lord of the Rings or hobbits. I am writing about stopping over in middle earth for brunch before travelling another 50kms up to mountains to Ranau. There are several stalls selling wild boar meat and if one doesn’t have it too often it should be fine. It affords about 30mins break before continuing on the journey taking in the fresh mountain air. At KK one hour ago I packed my usual things - my tablet and smartphones in my small bag and laptop in my larger bag with the books I carry with me all the time. Now I just chuck them into the car unlike Paul the apostle travelling on foot or by sea and perhaps at most can carry a couple of scrolls like Isaiah and the Psalms.
But I have several bible versions on my phones and Olive Tree app which I bought the three original versions of the Bible Hebrew, Greek LXX and Greek NT. One can say that I have the whole Bible at my finger’s tip. I also travel with my clothes which I wash in KK and bring back to Namaus. I have not used the launderette in Ranau town yet. That is for another day. But today I am enjoying early lunch in middle earth. It is unlikely I will be back in KK next week as I have to travel into the interior the district of Tibabar, the first interior area which I went preaching in 1991 before I became a full time pastor in 1994.

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