Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Time is Near

I will be conducting my 5th seminar on End-time seminar and the book of Revelation in Sabah this Saturday. Only the third since I returned to Sabah (for good) three years ago. I think the pace will pick up a bit as the time draws near. We are experiencing floods as never seen before. Humanly we can say it is due to climate change. Sabah is known as the land below the wind because typhoons and strong winds only hit our northern neighbours the Philippines. Not anymore. But in recent years we have had earthquakes. Yesterday for almost 2 minutes rocks and trees and mud just came down at the side of mount Kinabalu near the Malisou village. Before the June 2015 earthquake a popular resort at Malisou was frequented by tourists but it had to be shut down after boulders as big as trucks came tumbling down. Just a couple of months before the earthquake struck I went up there to meet my Singaporean friends twice. Now the mountain starts to rumble again.
And early morning tomorrow whether it rains or hail or hurricane I will storm up the mountains to return to my place of ministry. Already my students had to come to my place to fetch water from my water tank so I expect I will survive a week or two on rain water or waters from heavens. As I worshipped in church I felt such heaviness as if a thick cloud is preventing our worship and prayers from reaching heavens. I cried out to the Lord “Redeem Israel from all his iniquity” Revive your church Lord. Send plentiful rain not in judgement but in mercy for mercy exalts over judgement. Let showers of blessings and the rains of the Holy Spirit refresh our souls and lift our spirits to worship You in spirit and in truth.

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