Friday, October 20, 2017

Mighty Torrential Rains (Job 37:6)

What would you do if it rains non-stop for days? It has been the third day raining without ceasing in Kota Kinabalu. Today that was a break from the rain at 12 noon with bright sun shine and I thought the rain would be over for good. But as soon as I got back back home at 2pm, it started raining and there is no end in sight. Imagine in the days of Noah - 40 days non-stop rain. 4 days are plentiful for me and Lord grant us sun shine once more. As I bought lunch for my wife at home, I let out a torrent of thanksgiving in my spirit. I have everything I need. Thank you Jesus I said under my breath for 5 or 6 times in quick succession. I thank You Lord for giving us food in providing for my family. For giving me a shelter from rain, a car to go from A to B and moreover a good enough car to travel to far away places for the Gospel's sake. There were many fallen trees left and right and several streams and rivers I passed by were about to burst their banks. In KK low lying areas have been flooded for days and pictures of Kota Belud, one of the main centre just an hour's north of KK has been inundated with waters. The whole town is covered by floods. The voice of the Lord is above the floods (Ps 29).
Just a couple of months back Ranau town for the first time in living memory was flooded. As Job would say, the Lord is in control of waters. Rain of his might (the great rain of his strength KJV Job 37:6) so that every man's hand is sealed as no work can be done when it is all rain and floods everywhere. In LXX, it adds, "so that humans know their weakness". He thundered from above - for correction and rebuke of His wayward people and land. Yet He can order showers of blessings and to water the land so that it yields its increase. This year many villages and lands are adversely affected by floods and unceasing rains. Crops failed and trees do not bear fruits. It has been one flood after another. Only in You Lord for You are alone can settle the flood (Ps 28:10 LXX).

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