Monday, October 30, 2017

Village Life

I would have thought by now I have adapted to village life. This morning at dawn I was awakened by the cock’s crow. I am in another village about one hour from Ranau. I looked at the rice fields in the vicinity, coconut trees and a mother hen leading her chicks from house to house. Houses here at village land reserved for those who had come to open up the lands generations or hundred years ago. As families grow and children become adults and have their own families they start building houses and here in this village almost every foot of land is taken up by a tiny but to store the harvests or houses completed or in the process of building.
Life is the village is simple. You go to work your land at sunrise and return at sunset. The concept of time is nature based one looks at the Sun and it is day and when darkness sets it is night. Even with electricity and clean water from pipes one would not have imagined life was any different now than in 50 or 100 years ago. The wants of the villagers are simple, clean water electricity and sealed roads. As economic opportunities are derived from the land provided the climate is not skewed and the weather keeps to its seasons the plants and fruits will grow until harvest time.

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