Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ordering Books

I purchased a couple of books earlier in the year, Paul the Apostle E.P. Sanders and then, the Shack a popular Christian novel. Now towards the end of the year, my itch for books cannot be contained. I am expecting two books from Amazon any day now, one which is about the numbering of kings and chronology - how exciting! The other is about the the hidden life of a tree from a German forester. I was attracted to this book, remembering that in 2010 I presented a paper at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, God cares for the Trees based on Revelation 9:4. Today I ordered three more books for my holidays reading in a month's time.
First, A Reluctant Fundamentalist  by a Pakistan author nominated for the Man's Booker Prize (UK) for his newest book, Exit West. The second is a history on ancient Rome by Mary Beard and a third is a farewell gift for a friend. Speaking of books, that is what I miss about Singapore. In my former College, I would read at least 2 or 3 new books on theology every week. Further I would purchase books to my heart's content. I brought with me to Singapore about 120 books from Sabah in 2008 but when I was about to return to Sabah I found my personal collection has grown over 300 books, most of which are now safely loaned to a Singaporean seminary. Whether I would ship them back to Malaysia in the near future is still up in the air. I may wait a year or two longer because by then I may be away again to another place: "Only God knows" where perhaps my books could find a home.

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