Thursday, October 26, 2017

5-Minute Test Romans Exams

For Romans exams I have asked my students gave a 5-minute presentation on a topic of their choice from Paul's letter to the Romans. They are free to choose to comment on an issue or a verse or a passage in Romans. All in all 17 students took part and the exams took 2 hours to complete.
I graded them immediately after their presentation (30%) but have to add the essays' grade (60%) and class interaction 10%. I was quite pleased with these three formats of assessment. I try to do something different every subject I teach. For Hebrews it was 2 hour exams 3 essay questions and a 3,500 word essay with class interaction at 10%. Most students found it difficult to keep within the 5 minute limit. They are used to 20 min sermon in Chapel and in church sermons could go for 50mins. So a 5 minute test I thought was apt to get my students hone into their topic and be concise and precise in what they want to say. Often we are longwinded and repetitive but concision is a gift and a skill as John Calvin had so correctly praised and Calvin's commentary is an example of solid exegesis but not wordy or beating around the bush but straight to the point. Today I had revised my notes for my End time seminar on Saturday. Tomorrow I will pray more and will write more notes. With many meetings taking place in afternoons and at night it will be a hectic couple of weeks leading to the convocation on 11th November.

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