Friday, October 6, 2017

Class on Constitution

I completed my lectures on the Federal Constitution of Malaysia yesterday. It has taken us 7 weeks with 2 hours per week. It has been exhilirating to say the least as I could comment on many legal and political issues of the day that are part of them major talking points across the nation. I trust my students benefited from the lectures, first time ever being offered at Bachelor level. Knowledge of the law in fact the highest laws of the land is essential if we wish to minister contextually as I was able to draw attention to these issues discussed by politicians and journalists with reference to the Federal Constitution.
My vision to train pastors especially the indigenous pastors in the Malay language is seeing part fulfilment because often times the temptation to convert to another religion and the fears of outside influences is due to the ignorance of the law. Armed with knowledge as a spiritual weapon we war against spiritual forces arrayed against us (2 Cor 6). When I first started teaching part time at College in early 2015 the Lord impressed on my heart a verse from Jeremiah 3:15 "I will raise up shepherds that will shepherd my people with knowledge and understanding".

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