Friday, September 22, 2017

Wandering in Mountains (Hebrews 11:38)

I did not expect to return to KK within 72 hours. After attending the biggest event organized by SIB in its history where 35,000 turned up over 2 nights in a stadium I drove back to College last Monday to prepare for my lectures on 3 consecutive days. Lecturing on Romans then Hebrews followed by the Malaysian Constitution yesterday I was feeling tired and as I drove at 1pm from Namaus to Ranau town then up Mount Kinabalu which took an hour for 40kms due to traffic I was struggling to keep awake. It is dangerous to drive while feeling sleepy and four days of exertion took its toll and the 3-hour drive back to KK only made it worse. LORD why do I toil and wander around mountains?
As I reflect on my ministry I thought of what I could achieve by teaching a handful of students from the tribal groups of Sabah. Can they or will they achieve great things for the Lord? How many pastors graduated from our College are doing effective work and making an impact? Then I remember how David wandered for about 10 years in the wilderness with his 400 motley crew which became his mighty men when David ascended to the throne. I would imagine the 40 or so students I teach will be great pastors in future. Not just mighty men but I see more mighty women. Women here tend to show more leadership. Sad for the men. I did not travel to KK to rest but to prepare for ministry tomorrow in only Chinese congregation in the denomination. It is more than 12 years since I last visited them
 And I asked for students to pray for me as I shall be preaching in English in 3 years and it will be translated by the pastor to Mandarin. Then I journey back to Namaus and wander through mountains again for the 100th time or more.

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