Friday, May 18, 2018

Forgetting my Father’s House (Genesis 41:51)

It is ironic. Joseph had come to a position of authority and power second only to Pharoah in the world power of the time. Many things were gifted him. As a foreigner and an inmate imprisoned on false charges he came out of prison and became king (Ecclesiastes 4). But more ironic was Joseph’s first born son given the name Manasseh which Joseph interpreted as God made me to forget my toils and all my Father’s house. Joseph had experienced great pains and bitterness in the hands of his brothers. 10 of them ganged up on him out of jealousy and hatred and almost had him killed. For 13 years he suffered as a slave in a foreign land. He had to forget his father’s house to move on in life and it was what he did when he assumed power without bitterness haunting him.
As Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33 blessings make clear God blessed Joseph with the best of everything or the most precious and choicest fruits as one separate from his brothers. Family ties can hold us back from doing great things for God. No wonder Jesus says unless you hate your father, mother and brothers you cannot be my disciples. Many have compromised their devotion to the Lord on account of their families. When one person wanted to wait for his father to die first before he would follow Christ, Jesus said to him let the dead bury the dead but you come and follow Me.

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