Monday, May 7, 2018

Itinerant Preaching

I was on a mission. A good friend told me that he had visited a village 15 times in the past year for the sake of campaigning in the general Election. So I don't think my occasional travels for the Lord are any more strenuous than what politicians go through especially when the Election is near. But driving alone almost 4 hours was a test of endurance. I count the kilometres and on my way to Sipitang I only stopped at Beaufort 45kms away. But on my way back I stopped three times in Beaufort, Papar and Kota Kinabalu. I was welcome with the customary Lundayeh hospitality with afternoon tea. I reached there at 5.30pm after having satay at Sipitang Township at 4.30pm. At 6.45pm it was dinner time and the night meeting started at 8pm sharp. They only sang two songs before they handed the pulpit to me and I preached for about 45 minutes on 5 things about grace. So just after 9.10pm we ended our service but supper went for another hour before I excused myself and returned to my room at 10.30pm.
The pillow was tough but thankfully the room had airconditoned. I am particularly sensitive to mosquitoes but even without the mosquitoes I did not sleep well. Got up several times, tossing and turning and physically it was no ideal preparation for Sunday preaching. I preached about a leader after God's heart and looked at the life of David. I first read from Psalm 78:72 and also cited Jeremiah 3:15 about God's promise to raise up shepherds according to his heart that will shepherd his people with knowledge and understanding. Then I quoted 2 Samuel 23 about David's last words but as time ran out I made only several points about a leader being the anointed one, a worshipper, a preacher (His Words are in my lips). I could go on but I saw my watch ticking to 12 noon. It was blazing hot. I already took off my tie during worship and wiped sweat from my eyebrows several times. I ended with 2 Samuel 23:3 with David's mighty men. How as a leader needs others' support and loyalty and how David loved his men and led them to green pastures.

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